A Walk in the Clouds

たまたま、テレビで映画「雲の中で散歩」A Walk in the Clouds(1995)を観ました。葡萄園を背景に、大好きなロマンチックな映画でした。



A Walk in the Clouds Drama, Romance | August 11, 1995 (United States) 6.7
Director: Alfonso ArauWriter: Robert Mark Kamen, Mark Miller, Harvey WeitzmanStars: Keanu Reeves, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Anthony QuinnSummary: A young married US military soldier, Paul, returns home after World War II and meets a girl, Victoria, along the way. Victoria is pregnant and terrified of returning home to her Mexican family where her strict over protective father will surely disapprove of her out of wedlock pregnancy. Wanting to help, Paul offers to pose as her husband to calm things over until such time he is free to leave again but as they spend time together, they start falling in love with each other. However, Paul is still married and they have to hold themselves back before fate would intervene and tragedy would ensue and they would finally be together. ?mahajanssen


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