fun with dick and jane


情人节的中央台影视频道是电影[侠盗夫妻],是 2005年的作品。当时看过,细节已经忘记了。



baidu了下, 原来也称《新抢钱夫妻》。可是找不到英文名。


fun with dick and jane


这也证明google 和 baidu 各有优劣!



Fun with Dick and Jane Comedy, Crime | December 21, 2005 (United States) 6.2
Director: Dean ParisotWriter: Judd Apatow, Nicholas Stoller, Gerald GaiserStars: Jim Carrey, Téa Leoni, Alec BaldwinSummary: And just like that, Globodyne Corporation--the big media institution where the affluent suburbanite and the company's Vice President, Dick Harper, works--collapses in a grand scandal, Enron-style. To make matters worse, in the worst possible time, Dick's stressed-out travel agent wife, Jane, decides to quit her job--and if this isn't enough--their savings are gone, and nothing can stop Dick and Jane's downward spiral. Now, after a series of failed attempts to keep a job, the desperate and impoverished couple has only one method to stay afloat: to summon up the nerve and steal their way out of misery. However, are Dick and Jane cut out for a life of crime? ?Nick Riganas


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